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Lagundi tea is a natural herbal tea that has many health benefits to our bodies. Originally, the lagundi tea comes from the lagundi plant which is mostly grown in the Philippines and used as a medicinal plant.  The best way to use the lagundi plant is through taking it to inform of herbal tea.

Making the lagundi tea takes a short time, and you can purchase the lagundi plant at the leading grocery store near you.  Generally, experts recommend the intake of about one and a half cup of lagundi tea three times per day. Some of the health benefits associated with the consumption of lagundi tea include improving the eyesight vision, enhancing the digestive system and many more.

There are no significant adverse side effects associated with taking lagundi tea, and for this reason, you should consult a professional to give guidance on the intake of the tea.

What are the benefits of lagundi tea?

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Lagundi tea has many health benefits because of its high nutrient content. For this purpose, you should make it a norm to take the lagundi tea often to benefit maximumly. Some of the benefits of taking the lagundi tea include:

  • Improves the digestive system

Taking lagundi tea helps in improving the digestive system by a significant margin.  A substantial number of users who had digestive problems like diarrhea gave positive feedback on how the tea solved the problem. The lagundi root is especially right relieving colic and doing away with the intestinal worms.

For the lagundi plant to work effectively, take some lagundi leaves and add in two cups of water. Mix the two and boil for about 15minutes. Drink the hot lagundi tea while still warm.

  • Helps in the treatment of liver

Different studies have shown that lagundi flowers work perfectly to treat the diseases of the liver. The presence of the iridoid glycoside in the lagundi flowers helps in reducing toxicity which causes liver diseases.

  • Helps in the treatment of respiratory complications

The health department in the Philippine acknowledged the effectiveness of the lagundi herbal plan in the treatment of respiratory complications like flu and asthma. For this reason, the government of Philippine is highly encouraging the use of lagundi herbal in the treatment of respiratory diseases. The best way to go about cough relief is to take one full cup of the lagundi tea three times per day. The lagundi herbal plat works perfectly because of the presence of anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

  • Offers permanent treatment for skin diseases

Lagundi seeds work best in treating skin diseases like chicken pox and skin rashes. The presence of the anti-histamine elements in the lagundi seeds produces the high effect of anti-itching properties.  You can as well take the lagundi tea in the quest to cure mouth inflammation. To get the best results, take the lagundi leaves and soak them in warm bathing water. The lagundi leaves in the bathing water will work as a disinfectant to kill bacteria causing the skin disease. The natural disinfectant will also heal any wounds on your skin. Bath with the lagundi solution daily to get the best perfect results.

  • Helps in the treatment of rheumatism

It’s proven that the bark of the lagundi plant effectively works in the treatment of rheumatism. The lagundi leaves also work well in reducing inflammation and swelling of the joints.  For the lagundi leaves to work efficiently, crush the leaves in a pot and then mix with water. Rub the solution against the swollen joints and experience change.

  • The lagundi tea improves eyesight.

Taking lagundi tea helps in relaxation of the mind leading to the promotion of sound memory and improved eyesight. Old aged people get often encouraged to take the lagundi tea to make sure that their vision and memory are intact.

  • Acts as an analgesic for pain relief

The lagundi herbal plant contains the analgesic properties which play a big part relieving pain. Most of the Philippine dental medics prescribe lagundi as the best natural herbal remedy for relieving pain immediately after dental extraction. The best way to ease toothache pain is to take by taking the lagundi herbaceous plant in the form of lagundi tea.

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What are the side effects of taking lagundi tea?

The natural properties in the lagundi herbal plant make the lagundi tea to be safe for consumption. Health experts advise on the moderate intake of the lagundi tea especially for pregnant women as well as patients who are under medication.

To be sure that you do not overtake the lagundi tea, visit your doctor for proper guidance. In cases where you get irritations for taking the lagundi tea, stop the intake immediately and seek medical attention. Children and adults are eligible to take the lagundi tea but under moderate intakes. You will get the lagundi herbal plant in the herbal grocery store near you.

How to prepare a lagundi tea?

  • Step 1: carefully chop one cup of lagundi leaves and lagundi flowers
  • Step 2: take two cups of clean water and mix with the chopped lagundi leaves.
  • Step 3: boil the mixture for about 15 minutes.
  • Step 4: enjoy a cup of naturally made lagundi tea.
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Lagundi tea is super rich in nutrients to boost your general health levels. The lagundi herbaceous plant gets widely grown in the Philippines, and the Philippines government has legalized the use of the lagundi plant. There are many advantages associated with the lagundi plant. Some of the benefits include successful treatment of asthma and other respiratory complications. Another advantage is in successfully improving the eyesight as well as lead to a good memory.

The process of making the lagundi tea is simple because the only ingredients you need are water and the lagundi leaves which are readily available in the leading stores. Up to date, there are no recorded adverse side effects of taking the lagundi tea but watching the amount of lagundi tea we consume every day is essential. In cases where you are taking heavy medication, or you are pregnant, seek medical expert so that you get the right amounts you should take every day. Based on the many health benefits associated with the lagundi tea, I highly recommend the tea for intake by children and adults.


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