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Banaba tea is a herbal supplement that comes from the leaves of the Lagerstroemia commonly known as the Banaba tree leaves. The Banaba leaves are widely grown in the Philippines as well as in southeast Asia.

One of the most potent natural medicine that has for many years proven to work effectively is the Banaba tea which comes from the Banaba leaf extracts. Banaba leaf extracts have for many years been used in the Philippines and India to treat diabetes and lower sugar levels.

Studies have shown that Banaba leaf extracts can lower blood pressure in an hours’ time which proves how effective it is. In this article guide, you will learn the many benefits associated with the Banaba leaf extracts, how you can use them as well as where you can get the Banaba tea to boost your general health status.

What is banaba tea?

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According to the statistics by the health experts, about 35% of the whole world’s population is currently living with the diabetes disease. The high rate of people living with the diabetic condition has led to many health experts inventing different types of diabetes medicine.

Banaba tea extract gets associated with many health benefits some of them being weight loss, treatment of diabetes among other benefits. Banaba extracts contain essential components such as corosolic acid responsible for lowering the blood sugar levels and ellagitannins which act as antioxidant.

How to make a banaba tea?

You can comfortably make the Banaba tea at the comfort of your home by following the following simple steps:

  • Step 1: Dry the Banaba tea leaves completely
  • Step 2: take two spoonfuls of the dried Banaba tea leaves and carefully put them in a tea infuser.
  • Step 3: boil at least two cups of water and then pour in the Banaba tea leaves.
  • Step 4: If you are a lemon lover, you can add lemon into the boiling tea and serve when hot.

What are the benefits of banaba tea leaves?

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Banaba leaves extracts have many health benefits associated with them, and they also medicines used in the treatment of various diseases. Some of the health benefits of the Banaba tea includes:

  • Banaba tea leaves is an anti-diabetic

The primary cause of diabetes is high blood sugar levels in the body. For this reason, Banaba leaves are proven to lower blood sugar levels in the body by significantly increasing the glucose tolerance levels in the body cells. By reducing the blood sugar levels, Banaba leaves help in fighting the diabetes disease in the body.

In one year, a study conducted on fifteen patients with the diabetic condition where each patient was given 100mg of soluble Banaba extract to take daily. By the end of the year, the patients went back for a medical examination.

The medics discovered that their glucose tolerance levels had improved significantly and their blood sugars levels had decreased by 16%.  The study proved that Banaba tea leaves are highly effective in the treatment of diabetes condition.

  • Use of Banaba tea leaves for weight loss

Being overweight is a disheartening condition to many people as it causes many diseases. Diabetic patients are at high risk of being overweight. The reason behind this is the fact that one of the side effects of diabetes is the weight gain.

Most of the antidiabetic drugs prescribed by the doctors lack the element of weight loss. Banaba leaves work effectively in our bodies by conserving much of the body energy through prevention of breakdown of the glucose molecules. By preserving the energy in our bodies, appetite gets reduced.

Banaba leaves also work well in reducing cholesterol levels and surprising the production of fat cells.  In two months, 30 overweight patients were given the Banaba leaf extracts in the form of the Banaba green tea to take on a daily basis. After the two months, resultsevidently showed that the patients had burnt high levels of calories which directly translated to their weight loss.

  • Banaba leaves for cancer treatment

Banaba tea leaves contain the corosolic acid component which is mainly responsible for lowering the blood sugar levels. Trained medics in China in a study found that corosolic acid has a high potential of killing the cervical cancer cells. The corosolic acid in the Banaba leaves stimulates the high production of enzymes responsible for killing cancer cells.

  • Banaba leaves as a natural antioxidant

Banaba also leaves essential minerals of manganese and zinc. These essential minerals have extra powerful antioxidant elements, and the medics are in the process of testing whether the Banaba tea leaves can treat HIV.

  • Banaba leaves as anti-inflammatory

Corosolic acid plays essential roles in the body one of the being prevention of inflammation.  Banaba leaves prevent inflammation through inhibiting the arachidonic acid.

Where can you buy banaba tea?

The Banaba leaves get mostly grown in the Philippines’s well as in Southeast Asia. You can get the Banaba tree seeds in these areas and plant them in your garden for long-term use. You can as well purchase the Banaba green tea leaves in leading stores like the Amazon.

What are the side effects of taking banaba tea?

up to date, there are no adverse side effects recorded after the conduction of many clinical trials. In general, Banaba leaves are safe to take on a daily basis especially in cases where you take them orally in the form of Banaba green tea leaves.


Banaba tea leaves mainly grown in the Philippines, and southeast Asia is widely known for their many natural, healthy benefits. Many users who have tried the Banaba tea leaves have many times given positive feedbacks especially those who had the diabetic condition and also those focusing on weight loss.

You can get the Banaba tea leaves in the leading stores like Amazon and boost your health status significantly. The many clinical trials conducted on the usage of Banaba leaf extracts have not shown any adverse side effects. Meaning that you can use the Banaba tea on long-term and benefit maximumly. Based on the many benefits of the Banaba leaf extracts, I highly recommend this product to everyone who has not yet tried the product.


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