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The ampalaya tea will relax your mind and give you that quiet night till morning. Individuals who take the ampalaya tea have given positive feedback on how the tea helps to relieve headaches, naturally, heal wounds and also treat the gout condition.

Observing diet in everything that we drink or eat is very key to maintaining health standards at high levels. Many are the times when we order tea in a restaurant, and we get the standard black tea which in most cases contains some chemical additives.

Medics always advise that we should in most cases take natural blended juices or tea which do not contain any chemical additives to boost our immunity levels. For this reason, I introduce the natural ampalaya tea which is 100% natural and healthy. To understand the ampalaya tea, we will focus on what is ampalaya tea, how you can make the tea, the health benefits and finally the side effects of taking the ampalaya tea to our body.

What is Ampalaya Tea?

The ampalaya tea is a natural tea that ‘originates from bitter lemons. Bitter lemon is a natural tropical plant that people eat as a fruit and as a vegetable.  From the name itself, bitter lemons fall among the most bitter plants, but their bitterness entices some people to add in their meals.

As much as the bitter lemon plant is sour, the ampalaya does not result in bitterness. You can comfortably make the ampalaya tea using the ampalaya fruit, the stem as well as the leaves. Alternatively, you can also use the bitter lemon extracts to make the tea.

What are the health benefits of taking or drinking ampalaya tea?

ampalaya tea benefits

The natural ingredients used in making the ampalaya tea makes the tea to have many health benefits. Medics advice on the daily intake of the ampalaya tea preferably after the meals.

  • Ampalaya tea is anti-diabetic

Drinking ampalaya tea often will help you to manage the diabetic condition successfully. A recent study by professional doctors revealed that taking ampalaya tea lowers the levels of hemoglobin A1c. The reduction of the hemoglobin levels automatically translates to reduced levels of blood sugar. Having low levels of blood sugar increases high chances of managing the diabetic condition.

  • Reduces the chances of getting cancer

The ampalaya tea contains quercetin flavor which is an antioxidant. The main activity of antioxidant is to offer protection against damages which in turn leads to surprising the risks of getting chronic diseases like cancer. Another benefit of the quercetin in ampalaya tea is to decrease the adverse side effects of chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients.

  • Ampalaya tea helps in combating allergies

The antioxidant properties contained in the ampalaya tea actively help to get rid of allergies. The quercetin elements proactively act as a pharmaceutical drug which medics prescribe to patients suffering from allergies like running nose and sneezing. The quercetin element works by inhibiting the allergic reactions in the body.

  • Fast sleeping agent

Are you that person who must take sleeping pills at night to at least sleep? If the answer is yes, redeem yourself today and say no to taking the sleeping pills. The reason I tell you this is because with the ampalaya tea, you will always sleep like a baby till morning without straining.  Ampalaya tea does not contain any caffeine like the other types of tea.

Ampalaya tea is a natural hydrating drink that will boost your immunity levels, and the fact that it is rich in nutrients makes the drink to have many health benefits to our bodies. Either you have the above health conditions or not, try the ampalaya tea to notice the difference in your general health status.

How to make or prepare ampalaya tea?

prepare ampalaya tea

The bitter lemon plant usually is readily available in many grocery stores. You can make the ampalaya tea in the comfort of your home by just following the following steps:

  • Step 1: wash the ampalaya leaves with clean water
  • Step 2: finely chop the ampalaya leaves into small parts
  • Step 3: add about six spoons of the chopped leaves into glasses of cold water
  • Step 4: turn on the cooker and boil the mixture for about 15 minutes without covering the boiling pot.
  • Step 5: leave the boiled solution to cool down for some minutes.
  • Step 6: enjoy drinking a cup of the natural ampalaya tea at least three times a day.

What are the side effects of taking ampalaya tea?

Image result for ampalaya tea side effects

The fact that the ampalaya tea comes from bitter lemon automatically means that the tea is safe to drink. But you should take caution in the amount of the ampalaya tea you take daily if you have the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy

The active natural elements in bitter lemon pose dangers to pregnant women. High intake of the ampalaya tea may cause sudden bleeding to pregnant women which might lead to abortion. Before taking the ampalaya tea, seek advice from a professional doctor.

  • Diabetes

As said earlier, one benefit of the ampalaya tea is in the reduction of blood sugar levels. When one has diabetes, a doctor’s advice on the amount of tea to take might be necessary. The reason for this is because the ampalaya tea can cause the blood sugar levels to drop too low which might create a danger to the patient.

  • Expected surgery

If you are expecting to have a medical operation, stop taking the ampalaya tea at least two weeks to before the actual date of the surgery. The low blood sugar levels associated with the intake of the ampalaya tea might cause complications during the operation.


Ampalaya tea is a healthy natural drink which you can prepare at the comfort of your home. The only requirement you need is to get the bitter lemon plant and follow the easy steps in making the ampalaya tea. Whether you have anybody conditions or not, it is recommendable to take at least one cup of the ampalaya tea daily to boost your immunity.

However, if you got a health condition like diabetes or you are expecting to go for surgery, take the initiative of visiting your doctor to advise on the right amounts to take. Based on the many health benefits associated with the ampalaya tea, I highly recommend the intake of the ampalaya tea.


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