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        Paragis Tea Benefits

        dogs tail grassThis Paragis tea is perfect for your overall health and especially immune system and makes you feel good in your daily life. It makes you so strong and disease proof. Some say it can fight even any type of cancers and tumors.

        The good thing is, it is a nature’s product that has no artificial or any inorganic ingredients. The taste of this goose grass tea is good and even kids will like it and older people.

        Make sure to buy this product only from our website to make sure you are having a quality and good paragis tea.

        This will help you to prevent cancers, diabetes and lung diseases. It uses its nutrients and minerals to help your body fight the germs and other invasive dirt that are inside your body.

        Happy shopping and keep healthy everyone!

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        Paragis Tea Price

        It is really cheap, it is $2.49 for 2 Paragis Powder Packs, delivered at your doorstep anywhere in the world.

        Paragis Powder Tea Supplier

        You can message us, if you want to talk about paragis powder tea supplier or supplies.

        Product Description and Information:

        dogs tail grassIn this website, we will talk about all informations about the incredible herb called ‘Paragis‘ in Filipino. This herb is also called Sambali, Eleusine Indica, Goose Grass, Wire Grass and Dog’s Tail in other countries.

        You can use the search box on the right, you can see it if you are using a computer, laptop or a mac. If you are using a mobile phone, tablet or iPad, you can see the search box below the logo of this website above. This will be useful if you are searching for your disease that you want to know more about.

        All the articles about Paragis aka goosegrass on this website are informational, exclusive and unique.

        We will talk about some things like ‘what are the recipes or food that has a paragis, its juice or even its tea. We will also talk about the benefits of it for diseases that are never talked about on some websites, TV or commercials.

        Other Names (Eleusine indica, Sambali, Goose Grass, Wire Grass and Dog’s Tail)

        This grass has many scientific and has other names from different countries, you can read them here.

        The names are confusing but the looks of this grass is very common grass. You can easily spot one in the park or some farms with cows near you. This grass has been trending all over the internet because of its effectiveness and costlessness. Some are saying goosegrass can battle any kinds of cancer and other auto immune diseases like allergies.

        If you want to know more about this grass, then you navigate the menu from this website and search for specific disease and read about it. This grass is miraculous because some people that have no money was cured by just drinking its tea or juice. Some people make it as their water, they drink it everyday until they feel better and stronger.

        taste of paragis (goose grass) teaWhat is the taste of paragis tea?

        Well, it tastes like an ordinary green tea, which is kinda bitter but not that strong. The smell is good too and not that strong for our stomach not to take it.

        The color of the goosegrass is greenish and sometimes yellow-greenish. When you are used to the taste, it becomes delicious as your tougue is used to its texture and taste. Well, it is okay to try right? as long as we feel good and felt cured.

        buy paragis (goose grass) teaParagis Tea Where To Buy?

        Actually, we have an online store where you can buy some paragis grass, you can check it out here. It will online works if you live in United States as our supplier is not delivering world wide.

        But if you have some questions where to buy one if you are outside the US then please contact us, we will get back to you asap and suggest some online store or physical store that you can actually buy near your place or country.

        Nutrition Facts of ParagisNutrition Facts of Paragis Tea

        Paragis/goosegrass is rich in vitamins especially vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and fights common diseases like flu. It can help your lungs to become stronger too because vitamin C prevents you from getting allergies which resulted in mucus.

        It is also rich in vitamin E which is good for our hair and nails. Some people says that it thickened their hair, some says their hair actually grows back.

        Thicker Eyebrows and Hair By Drinking Paragis tea Regularly Every Morning

        One woman says her eyebrows become thicker now by regularly drinking this every morning with an empty stomach and before going to bed at night.

        She also says she feels stronger and become a positive person maybe because it makes her calm and feels good and young.

        Goosegrass has some good benefits in our health especially in terms of highblood pressure, said by some people that drink it

        If you are trying to lower your blood pressure then paragis or goosegrass is one of the most effective grass/herb that you might want to drink. There are many people that claim already that this goosegrass or paragis made their blood pressure low by drinking this tea.

        buy paragis (goose grass) teaWhen to drink paragis tea to lower your blood pressure?

        You can drink it with or without a meal, but some people prefer to drink it in the morning while their stomachs are empty.

        They said it made their body stronger the whole day. Just make sure to make a paragis/goose tea properly especially you need to wash it and remove the soils from it.

        People in the provinces especially in the Philippines make it as their tea in the morning and makes them relax at night so they will get a good sleep.

        Paragis or goosegrass is not just an ordinary grass, it has so many purposes in our life. God made all plants that surround us as our medicine. In fact, in ancient times, this grass is common as their first aid in common colds and other common illnesses.

        taste of paragis (goose grass) teaIs it safe to drink paragis tea or juice?

        Of course, it is safe, said by the people in some countries in Asia because it is only an ordinary herb and many people drink it. It is becoming popular now in the Philippines because of its significant effectiveness.

        But take note, people in the Philippines do not recommend it in pregnant women, they did say why. They just do not do it for safety purposes on the mother and child. If you really wanna drink it to cure any disease you have, please see your doctor first and ask for his suggestion or recommendation so there will be no problem when you drink it.

        How many glass of paragis tea to drink to lower your highblood pressure?

        There is no specific number of glasses to drink but some people said they drink it in the morning with empty stomach then in the afternoon after eating lunch and lastly they drink it at night before going to bed.

        Can I drink it more than 3 glasses? you need to ask your doctor or physician first so you won’t have any problems.

        When to see the results after drinking paragis tea to see if my blood pressure is already low?

        There is no specific time to tell because people have unique bodies, some people see the results after a few minutes or hours. It is really difficult to say, you should see for yourself and if it has good effects on your body then you can continue drinking it and recommend it to your loved ones as long as they will feel well.

        dogs tail grassWhere can I get or order paragis tea for my highblood pressure?

        If you live in the United States then you can buy one from us by going to this link and if you live outside the US then you can find from your local stores near you or just find a raw paragis grass, it is easy to find in the bushes or farms as this is a common grass that you see every day but you just do not know that it is a powerful grass or herb. In some Asian countries like the Philippines, it is literally all over the place like in the non-cemented streets, parks, farms, and forest. Also if you are from the first world countries then it is surely found in your lawn.

        All in all, the majority of the people in Asia, recommend paragis or in English, it is called goosegrass or some people called it dogstail. You can try it, just drink 1 glass of googegrass tea to lower your blood pressure and if it lowered your blood pressure then you can continue drinking it until you feel better without the symptoms of a man with highblood pressure.

        Make sure to comment below so we can see some questions or suggestions from you. We want to know how you felt after drinking a paragis/goosegrass tea to cure your high blood pressure.

        Here is a video teaching you how to lower your blood pressure by drinking paragis tea

        Watch this video carefully so you will know the step by step information about using paragis as a medicine for your highblood pressure. Listen to the instructions and take note of everything that you will see in this video. This is a very informational video of paragis.

        If you did not properly understand the article about, you may want to watch this entire video and learn some new knowledge and spread this news and even share on social media like on Facebook.

        In fact, ancient people were stronger and healthier than us modern people, those people lived longer and passed the 100 age mark.

        It was because they medicine purely came from nature. Paragis or goosegrass is an incredible God’s gift from heaven, some people say it cures most of the diseases that exist nowadays. Watch this video below after you read the entire article to prove the paragis benefits for highblood pressure and other blood-related diseases. Also if you are a pregnant woman, DO NOT DRINK it.

        Some people say it lowers the blood pressure quickly, also if you are anemic you cannot drink it too as your blood may go even lower and you would pass out.

        Paragis Tea Treatment

        • Almoranas or Hemorrhoids
        • Amoebiasis
        • Anxiety
        • Appendicitis
        • Arthritis
        • Body Odor (Halitosis)
        • Breast Cancer
        • Canker/Mouth Sore
        • Chronic Kidney Disease
        • Cervical Cancer
        • Dengue
        • Diabetes
        • Diarrhea
        • Gallstone
        • Gonorrhea (Tulo)
        • Gum Disease (Infection, Bleeding)
        • Hairloss
        • Hearburn or GERD
        • High Cholesterol
        • Highblood Pressure
        • Hika or Asthma
        • HIV, HPV
        • Hypertension
        • Irregular Menstruation
        • Kidney Failure
        • Kidney Stone
        • Lagnat or Flu
        • Lung Cancer
        • Myoma
        • Palpitation
        • Peptic Ulcer
        • Pimple or Acne
        • Pneumonia
        • Sinusitis
        • Sore Throat
        • Stomach Ulcer
        • TB (Tuberculosis)
        • Thickening Eyebrows
        • Thyroid Disease
        • Tooth Ache
        • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
        • Vertigo
        • Weightloss
        • Yeast Infections

        Paragis Tea Health Benefits

        Do not forget to comment if you have suggestions or questions, we will help each other for our beloved ones. We need to stay healthy, remember health is wealth. So it is not bad to try everything as long as you will feel better and stronger. Ancient people only used herbs and plants as their medicine. God created the world perfectly, he made all the cures of diseases just around us, we just need to find them and apply it.

        Step By Step On How To Make A Paragis Tea


        paragis goose grass tea container
        Making a clean Paragis (Goose grass) tea
        • Cut all aside from the paragis leaves
        • Wash the Paragis properly.
        • Place the Paragis (Goose Grass) in a clean casserole.
        • Pour 1 liter of clean water into the casserole.
        • Simmer for 10-15 minutes.
        • After simmering, quickly pour the tea into a glass container, exclude the paragis grass.
        paragis (goose grass) tea!
        Enjoy your paragis (goose grass) tea!

        After drinking this tea, you will surely feel well or energetic without thinking too much because you know that you just drank a very nutritious tea that will help your body to fight diseases and strengthen your immune system.

        Make sure to tell your friends or relatives too so everyone that you love will be strong like you and healthy. Teach them to make some tea or juice while they are young so they will grow old stronger and healthier.

        By the way, once you tasted the paragis tea, you will love it and will be used to its taste and aroma. Also, your body will recover from any sickness or diseases by just drinking it regularly especially in the morning and before going to bed at night. Make it a habit to drink this tea as it will strengthen your body and will fight all types of autoimmune diseases.

        Paragis or Goosegrass in Ancient Times

        In fact, it is an ancient routine, people then drink it as their primary medicine and cure their families because there were no hospitals or clinic with modern medical machines in ancient times. Also Chinese, they are the people that mastered the herbs healing technique that makes them strong without drinking any special tablet or any artificial medicine back then.

        This goose grass tea is becoming really popular not only in the Philippines but other parts of the world also as people really feel its effectiveness and miracle. We said miracle because some people used it to cure their cancers and other types of dangerous diseases. They really said that it was the tea that made them feel better and cured them. Those people are poor and only rely on herbs and ancient medicine techniques.

        Paragis Tea on Amazon

        There are no paragis tea on Amazon store as of this moment. So feel free to checkout our product.

        Please leave your message below, we encourage you to get involved in the conversation on this page as we talk about drinking this tea and proves its effectiveness. Please share your story and we will publish it on this website and will link your facebook account so you can help some people too that are having some bad times with their sickness and losing hope to live because some people can not afford expensive medicines and hospital bills. Some of them can not even afford the checkup bill so please help other people too.

        By telling your success story using this website, you will encourage some people to live and fight. Because in this world, everything is becoming so expensive day by day bu the wages are the same. It does not go up, that is why people will suffer and die if caught by a disease and they will just let themselves to die without doing anything for their lives.

        If you do not wanna reveal yourself, please use this contact form to tell your story, and we will be happy to publish your story in this website without revealing your name and other information that want to remain private.

        If you want some spiritual or emotional support please contact us and we will be glad to help you as we can because we are a team of social supporters that built this website to help poor people understand everything that they do not know about paragis aka goosegrass in English countries. You see, it is in some countries too because this grass is easy to find and it is really everywhere around us. Just make sure to clean and wash it thoroughly because some people step on it because it grows on parks and some farms.

        If you still have some questions or still confused about this topic, please comment below and we will answer you as soon as possible.

        If you are having a hard time following the instructions above, you can watch the youtube video below so you can follow step by step.

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        Paragis Tea Review

        Watch this video to know more about everything about paragis tea. The guy tell some reviews on the video.

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